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​​​​​​​​​​​​Work at the League

Are you interested in working for the League? Every day we work with member cities, 城镇, other local government entities and others to assist them as they serve residents across the state. With a mission of promoting vibrant cities and 城镇, and empowering local leaders and residents to make their municipalities great places to live and work, League staff members are driven by a overarching purpose that helps direct their individual job duties. View our current postings below. 

Work in Local Government

​Local government is a great place to work! The contributions of local government are all around us - the roads we drive on, the water we drink, the parks we play in, 和更多的. If you're looking for a meaningful job that serves your community and positively impacts others, take a look at our job postings below. 

Post a Job Opening

Using the League's website and publications to post job ads is a great way to find qualified job applicants. If you are a local government agency wanting to post a job on the League's site and in the weekly emailed League Letter, reaching more than 5,000 municipal officials and those interested in municipal government, ​complete this online job form. New flat-rate pricing is $125 for League members and $200​​ for non-members. If you have any questions or need any help, please contact us at

会计其他克莱顿镇 5/18/2024
会计 & 财务经理管理Town of Holly Springs5/19/2024
会计 Manager管理伯克郡 Government4/28/2024
二级区域经理公用事业Aqua-Essential Utilities5/8/2024
Assistant 城市经理/城市的工程师管理布里瓦德城5/4/2024
Assistant 城市经理s管理City of Winston-Salem5/26/2024
Assistant 导演 of Public Works公用事业City of Reidsville5/1/2024
助理公园 & Recreation 导演其他Town of Knightdale5/22/2024
Assistant Public Works 导演管理马里恩市5/25/2024
Assistant 城市经理管理Town of Tappahannock5/16/2024
Business Relationship Partner其他卡里5/4/2024
Business Systems Analyst公用事业Orange Water and Sewer Authority (OWASA)5/8/2024
Chief 金融 Officer管理县人4/28/2024
城市经理管理City of Hardeeville, South Carolina5/17/2024
Civil Engineer III其他City of Greenville5/15/2024
Community Development and 计划主管管理Southampton County, Virginia5/3/2024
Community Development Division Manager管理沃伦县 5/1/2024
Construction Inspector公用事业OWASA5/10/2024
Contracted Part Time 法律服务其他马修斯镇5/8/2024
County Social Services 导演管理Lenoir County Government - Department of Social Services5/8/2024
Deputy 导演 of Charlotte Water公用事业夏洛特市5/18/2024
Deputy Executive 导演公用事业Orange Water and Sewer Authority (OWASA)5/22/2024
副市镇书记其他Town of Sunset Beach5/11/2024
导演管理Sandhills Metropolitan Planning Organization5/4/2024
导演 of Development and Compliance管理Town of Kure Beach5/11/2024
导演 of General Services Administration 管理后县5/22/2024
导演 of Marketing and Economic Development管理City of Reidsville5/1/2024
金融 Systems Analyst其他伯克郡 Government4/28/2024
Human Resources 导演管理Town of Sunset Beach5/11/2024
Human Resources 导演管理伯克郡5/22/2024
Infrastructure Field Services Technician其他卡里镇5/19/2024
Land Development Administrator其他Town of Waynesville5/26/2024
Lead Code Enforcement Officer其他City of Greenville5/12/2024
Line Clearance Trimmer/Landscaper公用事业达拉斯镇4/28/2024
警察公共安全Town of Emerald Isle5/18/2024
警察 (Recruit)公共安全鸭子镇5/24/2024
项目经理管理克莱顿镇 5/18/2024
Public Works Operations 导演管理City of Rockingham5/15/2024
Public Works Utility 导演公用事业洛厄尔市5/18/2024
Reclamation Maintenance Supervisor管理克莱顿镇5/1/2024
Stormwater Manager其他卡伯勒镇5/17/2024
镇书记/Finance Officer管理星城5/8/2024
城市经理管理Town of Mills River5/5/2024
Traffic Signal Supervisor其他City of Greenville5/18/2024
Transportation 金融 Analyst其他City of Greensboro5/18/2024
Utilities Engineer公用事业OWASA5/15/2024
村经理管理Village of Pinehurst5/31/2024
Water Resources 导演公用事业瓦尔德斯镇5/8/2024